Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Upper arms

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Decided to go ahead and sculpt upper arms from epoxy putty too, and then I can wrap the elbows same as the wrists. That way I can put some of them in short sleeves if I want to.

Also, my Dipping Latex and Latex Softener came in from Monstermakers today. Haven't messed with any of it yet, hopefully tomorrow... but man, that Dipping Latex is some thin stuff! I figured it would be about the same as the Mold Builder Latex I'm used to, which is thick and creamy... but this is as thin as water! I might need to add some thickener to it to get the consistency I want.


herself said...

Very artfully done, Mike! The part you show as finished, elbow to finger tips, look marvelously graceful.

Dipping latex, hmm? Never heard of that before. That sounds necessary. I used Mold Builder, that musta gotten old because it was more like a cold cream consistency. Do you know what they use to make latex thinner? Ammonia? thx.

Darkstrider said...

Yeppers. Ammonia.

Running into trouble with the dipping latex. Making things really ugly. Will explain in real post.