Monday, September 04, 2006


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This one's specially fer you Shelley. ;)

And for those who might be confused..... here's Shelley's last comment:

"herself said...

Ok, bit of Darkhumor there... but hey, at least I posted!

To fill in a bit of info - I didn't announce this, but I've been on an animation vacation for a month or so now. I just got completely burned out... not that I was actually doing animation or anything, but I was constantly thinking about it and writing about it. I needed a summer vacation. And Labor Day seems like the right day to end it and get back to work, wouldn't you say? Shelley has just announced that she's starting a 16 day marathon of pure Halfland activity, so I left her a comment challenging her to a production race. She's got the jump on me so far... I didn't do diddly last night, but tonight I'm getting my groove on.

I'm scaling back my time on other fronts.... I'm done with the tutorials and the Stopmo Handbook, and I'm resisting the beckoning of all those same old same old questions that keep popping up at the message board. I figure if I don't answer, most likely SOMEBODY will... and it seems to be working for the most part. Good old Nick is always there, but there are a few semi-newbies who are answering questions as well these days... good to see it! So now I can settle in for some actual honest-to-goodness production. I won't be posting frequently, but when i do I plan to lay some goodies on y'all. Bye now!


Anonymous said...

Okay .... leave it ALL to Nick H. to take on the message board load on his shoulders ;)

The question should not be, "To post or not to post?". That's the extremes on both ends. One can strike a happy median.

Just keep the replies SHORT! :P

Hey, free Country (so far). You do what you want. We all pay in the end. Our consciences will eventually catch up ;)


herself said...

Mike, that was delightful, I'm still chuckling! I love your wry sense of humor.

ATTENTION: You *HAVE* to post what you do each day, I just made that a rule of the race. Whether it's only saying what you thought of concerning the project or whether it's a short report on what you did without photos, as LIO says. I, and all of us I believe, will be checking every single day to see what you've done. And if you say nothing, I'll want to know exactly why not the next day, and it better be a good enough reason.

Harsh you say? I say you are too damn talented and important an artist to keep your art rhetorical, where it lives only as elegantly expressed ideas yet undone.

Last night I was starting in on my clumsy sculpt for the Tarn character and as I was fumbling through, I imagined ahead to my post about it to y'all, the public world at large and my tight circle of stop motion friends. And I thought "they" would naturally look at the photos and my work as representative of my artistic capability. And I compared myself mentally to the scores of ubertalented artists posting around and I thought everyone would discount me like a cracked purple plastic soap holder at Wallmart. But I realized that while there are many better ways even I could think of to execute this sculpt that's not the point, the point is to make progress daily, on my project, my way, for better or worse. And posting it makes all the difference in my doing it, for me.

Not that that applies to you, I been lucky enough to see photos of your figurative sculptures and you're like... Mike Brent great!

Ubatuber said...

Yeah, whaddya mean you won't be posting much? Pop up a pic and a few lines here and there....Shell's made it a rule now, so you have to....or else.....or else.....

Shelley? Back me up here....

Darkstrider said...


Ok, I see the winks, so I guess you're kidding. Cause you DO realize.... I post there more than you do, right? ;) I didn't say I'm NOT posting anymore, just that I'm scaling back.

And the rest of my admiring public.... Geez! The whole point was scaling back on internet activity to free up time for ANIMATION! I'm also turning off the TV and instead cranking up iTunes on random play. Every little bit helps. Have you ever noticed... the people who are actually getting work done don't post much. Uba, case in point! When you were working on that last fireside bit we didn't hear from you for like a month! And look at Grant... same story. And you just KNOW.... when next we hear from OAR studio, he'll have massive progress made.

But, I do see your point Shellage. I guess if I'm gonna challenge you to a production race, then I kinda HAVE to post daily progress! So, my posts may be brief... sometimes no more than a pic or two with no explanatin'.

Ok, I'll make a new post explaining what I did last night... and just for a laugh, what I accomplished the night before, the first night of this crazy race.

herself said...

I think I was tough enough up there, J! I laid down the law! I really did it because I get lonesome and frustrated when I check everyone's blog several times a day and see the same ol' post is still up! Mike knows I and we are out here waitin' and that'll help motivate 'em, I'm betting.

Darkstrider said...

...And about conscience catching up.... THAT'S exactly why I fleshed out the Stopmo Handbook so much! Most of the questions that are recycling every few days are already answered in permanent form right there. Wow... hope I don't sound angry or anything... that's not the case at all. LIO, as i said, I do know you were kidding. It's just so EXASPERATIN'! When I;m active on the message board I hear "Quit posting so much and get to work on a movie!"... and then when I do, it's just to opposite! See, this is the price I pay for living my life so publicly! ;)

herself said...

I just saw your comment, Mike, oh yes, please post the previous nights' work! Can't wait. I hear you on the no-post = animation action hypothesis and I recognize that you may be completely right. BUT I can only speak for myself and people like me who do not possess self-discipline naturally and can benefit from the inherent leverage of the blog/plog pressure. Of course (after the the race) you'll do it your way but until then... your anal tie-down is mine!

Darkstrider said...

Hah! I guess you expect to be.... behind me then??? ;)

Yeah, one day I just might go all hermitoid on you. Who knows? Could be years from now, could be next week. Or maybe never. But even then, I'll still post progress now and then. Oh, and I'll definitely keep in touch with my friends. Kind of a wimpy hermit, huh?

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) LOL, that was all I need for tonight....exactly, a damn piece of post..!