Saturday, September 30, 2006

There was shrinkage!!

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Yes, we have some nice shrinkage already. It's been hanging under one of my Par lights, which I hope will speed the process greatly.

I got curious about what kind of stuff other people have carved from apples and did a little digging. First thing I ran across is an awesome gallery by artist Donna Pardue of Austin, who did a whole series of pieces entirely carved from apples! She makes great use of the fact that the flesh of an apple shrinks and puckers very much like mummified flesh (of a human being). Jeffrey... she even did a Glory Hand!

There's a nice carved apple head at the bottom of this page by Jeph Gurecka.

But I've saved the best for last. This time of year everyone wants to do something Halloweeny, including professional sculptors. There's a guy named Ray Villafane who'se a regular poster over at the Sculptor's Forum who likes to carve pumpkins... but not into Jack-O-Lanterns like every neighborhood kid can. He makes them into incredible relief-carved masterpieces of 3d realism! The pic below will transport you to his realm of magicalness:

Try not to drool on your keyboards folks!


herself said...

So Cool. I'm going to make mine a pumpk'n.

Darkstrider said...

Wow... really? Man, that looks difficult! Well, to get it to look like that anyway! And it only lasts a few days. A shrunken apple head will bring many years of scary happiness!

Oh... or did you mean carve an apple to look like a punk'n? An App-O-Lantern perhaps?

herself said...

I'm gorna do a small Pumpk'n No Lack o' Lantern and a big Apple Pumpk'n Shrink-i-do, er, App-O-Lantern deal. There.

Darkstrider said...

Ok... gotcha. It's FUN to mutilate helpless fruit! ;)

Ubatuber said...

Yeah, this looks like a lot of fun, I'm definitely going to do one...a pumpkin would be awesome, but I'll probably do an the glory hand too, makes me think of Buffy

"This mummy hand doth cease to be! It is an EX-mummy hand!"