Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day 11 - A New Hoppy

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Now that's more like it! Gonna wait till my Monstermakers order (with rubber gloves) comes in to do the epoxy pelvis block.
Ok, screw waiting. I grabbed a discarded glove... they tend to get turned inside-out when you peel them off. I just put it on inside-out. There was a thin crust of epoxy putty on the forefinger and thumb, but it just made it feel kinda weird, didn't really cause any problems. Now he's done.


herself said...

Ok, the sittin' barfly chick, the barmaid, Cosmo the bar owner, the three bar dudes, and the longer-legged Hoppy, I count seven (7). Eight, eight, eight...

These puppets look AMAZING, by the way. So perfect for a film, J'sus C'rist.

Darkstrider said...

Why thank ya Ma'm! ;)

Secret Puppet coming tonight.