Friday, September 29, 2006

Insane inspiration

This is just one of many many images I discovered through the blogs of a guy named Aeron who happened by here last night and left a comment under my last entry. I clicked his name to see his profile, and found he has several blogs, all loaded with intense surreal stuff... it was like opening a door into the Twilight Zone! I added three new links to his blogs:

Fantastic Animation

Monster Brains


He actually has more blogs... you can fimnd them in the links to these blogs, as well as loads of other sites. Too much to explore in one night! I foresee many hours of exciting web spelunking in the days to come!


mefull said...

Motherload! - you hit the jackpot on this one.
I just checked out Monster Brains which has some great sureal stuff and crazy good links. WOW

I have to go back and check the others

mefull said...

OK your turn Shelley :-)

herself said...

I wasn't hanging back but thank you. Jeez, have I --I guess I have by the gentle feedback-- been really being piggish/boorish/ill mannered and a real drip, eh? It's just my style.

All I was going to say was how cool it was to have all your clips linked on the right here, Mike. I re-watched them all again and am impressed all over again. Your fan.

Darkstrider said...

No Shelley, you haven't been any of those things! I was totally playing when I asked why you're always first at Jeffrey's blog... it was just funny because it happened so many times in a row! Actually it's nice to find a new post and immediately see your comment there. Please by all means don't think anyone holds it against you for any reason... I'm sure nobody does! Please don't reign in your enthusiasm one bit!

And thank you. I liked the way Mike G has his films posted on his blog, wanted to do something similar. By the way, if anyone hasn't seen it, we've had an ongoing conversation under his Georgie's Wish post at his Red Hatchet blog (linked on the right, above my own flicks).

mefull said...

NO NO NO Shelley don't you change a thing, I was just teasing and I know mike was too.

Your enthusiasm, encouragement and thoughtfulness are wonderful,
Be first, be middle, be last it doesn't matter one whit to me.

In other words post all you want we'll make more!

aeron said...

Glad you dig the blogs. I've been a great fan of the Quay Brothers and Svankmajer for many years. I recently discovered the works of Trnka, Starewitch and many other stop motion directors associated with the Russian Animations volumes. I'm hoping to compress alot of them, upload them to youtube and post them at my fantastic animation blog. Starewitch's "The Mascot" is by far my favorite stop motion animated film. And I thought nothing would surpas "Street Of The Crocodiles". Anyway, I'm glad to see that you've gathered information and clips from these great animators. Check out my digital artwork gallery here
The Quay Brothers influence in much of the work should be evident.


Aerom Alfrey

Darkstrider said...

Thanks Aeron. Wow... I looked at your digital gallery... I think I'm insane now! Wild stuff! That'll be awesome to have those films online on your fantastic animation page! Maybe you could let me know and I'll post a bloggage about it, send some readers your way? I could also put a link to that page on my video clips page.

...And I could swear you had a Bruce Bickford clip there when I first checked, it seems to be gone? What's up with that?

aeron said...

Great, I'll let you know when I get them posted. It will probably be a few weeks. And the Bickford clip was removed from youtube so I had to drop it. I found another clip though and it's on there now. I didn't realize he had a website, lots of interesting pics of his process on there.

Darkstrider said...

Cool. Looking forward to it.

Darkstrider said...

Wow, that new Bickford clip is awesome! I hadn't seen any of it before. Looks like it's all from Cas'l (or Castle, whatever he's calling it now). A lot of what was on the Zappa videos apparently came strasight from his work in progress on that and one or two of his other films. Supposedly they're being worked up now to be released on DVD in the future... you can put yourself on the mailing list on his site for news of when that might happen.

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