Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's a wrap

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I know one day I'll be glad I took all these pictures! After these guys are dipped in latex I won't be able to remember what they looked like at this stage anymore. Anywho, all the arms and fingers are now wrapped and ready for dippin'. Still gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with the necks, and gotta foam up the legs and torsos. Then I get to play tailor.


herself said...

Another fresh post?! Wow! yay!

I'm really glad you took these pix too, Mike! I will need to follow when I get to the animation armature stage. Wow, after 40+ finger wrapping I bet you could lasso a caterpillar in your sleep!

Question: Hows come you ain't also puttying up the legs instead of foaming? jes wonderin'

Darkstrider said...

Well, I've considered it, but I don't think it'll be necessary, since they'll all be wearing pants. All this epoxy putty is making for some really heavy puppets! And the only reason I felt I needed to be able to sculpt some form into the arms is because the arms will be visible, at least up to around the elbow for most of them.

And this is weird.... why do the fingers look so FAT in the pics??!!!! They don't look like that in real life.... I had to do a double-take when I saw that last pic. I guess it's true.... when you're a miniature puppet the camera adds 15 ounces.

This is kind of scary.... this is the same camera I'll be animating with, so if they already look this fat before any rubber-dunking, I can only imagine what they'll look like after! Well, I did want to avoid that too-skinny finger thing so many beginners get.....

herself said...

oh. thanks.

The puppets will look perfect.