Tuesday, September 05, 2006

UbaDarkLand production race - day 3

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Alas, all I got done were 4 arms nearly to completion... still no hands. But I did cut and file my nails as you can see... and they were hard as steel! That was a huge job in itself considering I used only the tools you see here... should have busted out the Dremel! My hands still hurt.

The other 7 arms tomorrow complete witjh hands(day off... it's catchup time) - plus an explanation of my new production philosophy and a taste of my latest inspiration. Till then.......

Oh, and I changed the name of the race to reflect that our buddy Jeffrey of Ubatuber Productions has joined the race! He's working furiously on his entry for the upcoming round at StopMoShorts. Anybody else care to join in the marathon? Grant... Sven? It means posting daily (or nearly daily) progress reports till the bitter end.... 13 days from now.

Excuse time... I would have got the hands put on those arms, but an email came in announcing that Leevi had uploaded his newly completed film HarmoniCa to the bin at StopMoShorts, and I went in to post it for him (and of course I had to watch it!). Took the better part of half an hour. But wow, what a great film, even at the small resolution!


herself said...


Great progress today, Mike! Hands are my least fav thing. I hold off making them as long as possible. I just haven't made any as delicate as I'd like yet. I will soldier forward though, you've given me perspective. 12 arms?! yikes!

sven said...

I'm listening, Mike... And I even have a good idea for the Sept 30 deadline. The daily-post competition sounds like Big Fun in SvenLand.

--But right now I'm all about getting into Laika. (Yes, still.) The plan is to finish the steel armature, and then see if I can't get in through the front door with a more formal, traditional application.

Wish me luck...

(I simply *must* write an update about this to the MCs soon. :-P )

Ubatuber said...

Yeah, hands are difficult Shelley, with liquid latex anyway...Nick H makes it look easy :) My newest set look like slightly inflated latex gloves, y'know how the fingers are kind of separated a little too much?

'Harmonica' is great, Leevi did an awesome job...everyone should check it out...

Glad to be in the race, gotta go work on something now :)