Tuesday, January 16, 2007

She's got legs

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And she knows how to use em.


herself said...

zeeet schooooo (wolf call) hubba.

mefull said...

She's got attitude - and she knows how to use that too.

Pups are coming along nicely - what are the plans for dressin' them up?

Darkstrider said...

Plans are pretty sketchy at this point.... especially since I've realized my original plan is pretty well screwed. I wish I hadn't secured the tie-down nuts in the feet yet (of the other puppets of course) and I wish I had thought things through a little better in terms of the arms.

See, my plan was to make pants that slip on over the tie-down nuts, then put them on before finishing the feet. If I only had wire loopes there that would be a lot easier. If you look at Huck, his calves are smaller than the foot-blobs, so I guess his pants need to be loose. I wanted to use stretch fabric and make them pretty snug.

Problems with the arms are worse. See, the plan was to puch a tiny little hole through the foam of the chest so I can loosen the little allen nuts and pull the arms out. Same for the head (I'll be able to do that no problem). But with the arms there are difficulties involved I failed to account for.....

For one, the foam is glued onto the arms! For another, even if I solve problem #1 just mentioned, the arms slide straight UP to come out of the chest block, and the foam won't let them lift far enough to come all the way out.

The only solution I can think of is to cut through the foam over the shoulders.... just slit it enough so I can lift the arms out (and hopefully I can tear them out of the grip of the spray adhesive). Then I should be able to remove heads and arms, make clothes, put the clothes in place, and work the arms back in through the sleeves and hopefully into their sockets in the chest block. Not gonna be easy though!

herself said...

Can't you make sleeves separate from the body of the garment? Tucking an extra length of fabric down/under/inside/around the arm hole of the bodice? That should allow you to be able to remove the arms as needed without even having to remove the clothes.

For the legs, how about cutting the inside pant leg seam to dress him, stitch it up no worse for the wear, once on over the larger feet?

Darkstrider said...

It's hard to explain with just words.... I don't think I got the problem across very well.

It's actually REMOVING the arms that's a problem, because they're glued into the foam. My original plan was to just sort of push back the edge of the foam over the shoulder so I could slip the arms out, but now it's all firmly attached! I did slit one of Huck's shoulders last night though, and it took some doing (and a lot of foam came out that should have stayed in) but I was able to get one arm off.

And I really want to not have stitches showing on the outside if I can help it. Anyway, I'll figure something out, I always do! Stay tuned for the revealing of the solution as it occurrs to me.