Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's Huck!

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Again with the tread wrapping! Tonight I decided to give Huck a little more definition - he was looking a little... tubular.


leskimo said...

Looks cool! What material did you use for the arms/hands, silicone?

Off the Shelf Productions said...

Thats Ace!

You really carried on the style of Scott Radke in the Body.


Ubatuber said...

Nice! He's coming along, I love the shape of the body....great image quality too :)

More! ;)

Darkstrider said...

Leskimo, if you look at the september archive for my blog you can see exactly how I made these guys. It's in the sidebar to the right, under all the links for books and stuff.

I was originally going to use silicone, but switched to latex for the simplicity of painting it offers.

The rest a y'all - thanks!

Anonymous said...

kick ass job man!

really liking the character.


herself said...

Rock on, Mike. I'm lovin the thon idea.

Darkstrider said...

Yeah! Januthon is ON!!!