Sunday, January 14, 2007

A kinder gentler ice storm





So far this ice storm isn't as bad as its big brother was, but there's more to come. Last night it drizzled all night and hovered right around freezing. I didn't lose power, but some people did, and I haven't heard any trees crashing down yet. But take a look at the bonus video clip below, or rather take a listen - you can hear the constant crackling as the trees sway gently under their massive burden of ice...... it's kind of like being in a giant bowl of Rice Krispies when the milk is poured in!

Frozen Forest (6.5MB H.264, requires Quicktime7)

I got a little work done last night - foamed up Huck's legs, so now he's technically the first complete puppet (but still nekkid). I'll post a pic in a little bit, along with tonight's progress.


herself said...

Holy moly, and I thouht it was cold in LA! Absolutely gorgeous, Mike! those winter crystal forests right outside! Amazing. Veddy tall un't scarrrrie!

Darkstrider said...

That's the weird thing... I keep thinking... if this was like a normal winter and it was colder (should be 20 and 30 degrees, not ranging from just around freezing to sometimes 60 degrees!) all this freezing rain would just be snow, and it wouldn't cause these crazy problems. I guess that's our old frine global warming at work! I did lose power for a few hours the other day, but strangely it was only AFTER all the ice had melted! Things warmed up on I think saturday, when we were supposed to get another icy blast and everybody was afraid this would be 'the big one' - but happly everything started to melt instead. So glad the wheathermen are wrong so often!