Friday, January 12, 2007

Son of Ice Storm

The Snow Miser, from the Rankin Bass movie The Year Without a Santa Claus - master of cold weather and all things icy! Click the image to see his eerie theme song

As I write this, it's been raining all day and the temperature is just now dropping to the freezing mark. They're expecting an inch of ice overnight, and more throughout the weekend, so this could be a repeat (or worse) of the last ice storm. Since then we've been having terrible windstorms, which at least have been bringing down a lot of the broken branches that were still hanging up in the trees waiting to fall on the unwary. Just thought I'd send this out as I might not be able to post for a while.

Strangely, I was planning to go out today and take some pics of lingering damage from the last ice storm, but couldn't because of the rain.

Meanwhile, if I'm able, I intend to get back to work on these Radke puppets... it's been long enough! Actually I did a few minor things that needed doing, trimmed a bit here and there and finished the feet on the tiny little girl puppet, and fixed the spine of Hoppy, which had come apart. Remember the little hooks I was bending in the ends of the wires before I epoxied them into the tubing? When I made Hoppy I thought I'd just forego that little step and see if it worked. Well, a few days later the wires just pulled right out! So I bent a tiny hook there... he's slightly shorter now, but hopefully stronger.

I'd also like to propose a Januthon.

Till we meet again..... adios muchachos!


Ubatuber said...

Januthon is on!
You stay safe and warm....

herself said...

New posts! yay. I'm so glad to hear that you're ok so far. I LOVE the ol Rankin Bass works, so much more now than when I was a kid!

Darkstrider said...

Hey, so do I! A couple years ago I went on an amazon Rankin/Bassathon, got everything I could get my hands on they did that was stopmo. One of my faves is actually something I hadn't ever seen before called Pinnoccio's Christmas. Excellent stuff!