Friday, February 02, 2007

Shirt + Shoes = Service!

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I'm cheating - it's just a shirtfront glued on!
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Strech fabric - springs shut after making small holes. Great stuff (and so forgiving for puppetwear!) Huck likes this part a little too much I think.
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Damn, he almost looks better just like this!
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But Huck loves his Hawaiian style!


Hila said...

Mike, this is so great! He looks a bit like Leisure Suit Larry. hee hee.

herself said...

All that talent and a fashion designer too?! Looking great, Mike. I can't tell from the photo shadow, does the shirt have a collar? Are you going to glue a little pocket to the front too? So cool! I can't wait to see these puppets act!

Darkstrider said...

Hey now!

Kindly refrain from calling me a fashin designer, interior decorator, or seamstress, even though they're all necessary skills for a stop-moe. Don't forget, I'm also a bricklayer, construction worker, and lots of other manly persuits!

As you mentioned, the head is so close to the body I don't think the collar will show much, but I'll be making SOMETHING collarlike (probably be the hardest part to do). All it is so far is a rough-cut piece of cloth stuck on him for fit. I hacven't decided how detailed to go with shoes, pockets etc. I don't want to get caught up in all kinds of detail and lose sight of the overall form! But I also don't want these guys to look too simple. The devil is in the details.

jriggity said...

Very cool man!! Come here for 1 bite of inspiration on my way throught the blog buffet!

always seems to be somthing to munch on.....and I appreciate it!

I like him alot just in the tank top too. Hmmm....

keep up the awesome work.