Thursday, February 01, 2007

almost done dressing first puppet

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More cushion for pin pushin'

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Embarrassing crotch rot


herself said...

Lookin' good, Mike. That hand in the first shot is truly great. When I saw the third photo I thought that hole was part of your deliberate tushie tiedown program. Rock on.

jriggity said...

I agree the hand looks great!

before I went to foam puppets I tried my hand at sewing.....Not as easy as it looks....

good stuff....

Its awesome seems everybody is cruising on their projects!! Its an inspiration nation in the blogosphere!

Im feeding off you guys too!


Darkstrider said...

Shellsies (Ok, I won't call you that in public anymore...) It IS deliberate! Gotta get that tiedown screw in somehow.

J - yeah, I'm diggin' this whole community thing we got goin' on! It's like we stop by each other's studios each day after finishing working in our own, sort of the way the Impressionists used to hang out at cafe's and talk shop.

Darkstrider said...

About the hand.... funny - it doesn't really look that good, I think it's just a trick of camera angle and light!

And about sewing.... I bought a book about making clothes for art dolls, and the one thing that helped me (that really did the trick for me) was this.... make the clothes RIGHT ON THE PUPPET - inside-out. Basically just cut some cloth, hold it against the puppet, pin it, trim it, stitch it, then flip it back right-side-out and slip it back on. Pretty simple really, and no patterns and crap to mess with!