Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm baaaaa-aaaaack!

Wow, it's been a while since my last post! Sorry about that, been busy with other things lately. And the Hawaiian shirt debacle threw me into turmoil that hasn't been fully resolved yet, so I've been unable to make any more progress. It's become something much bigger than a simple fashion statement.... really it's a deciding factor in the whole look for the wardrobe of my film, and helps to determine how the set/props all will look, so a lot rests on the decision I make concerning how to dress Huck. I finally broke the stalemate by stripping off the shirt. But I have yet to make him a new one. I'll keep you updated on that.

Meanwhile, I've recently discovered a few real gems of online videos I want to share with you. Some of you will already have seen them, I found them all through the message board in the last few days.

First up is Brad Shaffer's Christ of the Cubicles. It's been described as "Fight Club meets Office Space", and I think that's an apt description. I'm really impressed with the way the filmmaker used camera movement and composition, including some powerful splitscreen effects reminiscent of DePalma, and the clear and subtle means he uses for telling his story. This is quite simply a great independent film, forget the fact that it's done entirely in stopmo!

Next, Windmill Boy documentary part 2. You might remember when the first part of this hit Youtube (not sure If I blogged about it or not). Each time I see more about this exciting little film I can't wait to see the final product!

And, last but far from least, is Gloomy Valentine, a first-time film made by Isabel Peppard down Australia way. You can see it on her website I remember when she contacted me a while back, in the early stages of production, and showed me a clip of her puppet plucking petals from a flower. I could tell then this was going to be something fantastic! She's got a really crisp and clear web version of the film posted in its entirety on her site, and is offering it on DVD as well through her web store. I'm really completely blown away by the sheer quality of this film..... let alone as a first! Part of the credit goes to fellow Aussie John Lewis, an incredible animator who worked with her on it.

Ok, soon I'll be back with more on my own film!


Harv said...

Looking forward for more updates on the progress of your film. You just can't turn the lights on us like this.

jriggity said...

Ha! Welcome back man!

I was needing a new post from the Strider.I think you are really making a painfull but good decision about relooking at the shirt should definately find the look you want.

Their were some very cool
video for us stop mo dorks in the last week.

I was very impressed by the gloomy valentine Film all around. I considered the purchase...but I dont have a multi region dvd player? Sad...

That goes for windmill boy as well.


herself said...

Glad you're baaaaaaa-aaaack, Mike!

I'm sure you'll work out the look of the clothing for your pupps. I heard a quote yesterday from the philosopher, Spinoza, who said that the way out of the cause of a creative block (a negative thought/feeling/emotion usually being the root cause) was not to combat it with a positive thought, etc. but to supersede it with a more POWERFUL creative thought/feeling/emotion. (I paraphrased that) But I think there's something to it. It's like the way back in, is to juice up with a passion re-found somehow.

Thank you for curating these stop mo links. I watched them all. I didn't care for CotC, with the exception of the filmic title sequence, for the same reason I don't get the new shock stop mo stuff that seems to be popular. After watching it, I'm left with the thought, "so what?", what did that do for me? Revenge satisfaction? Nothing there for me that I can tell. That opinion may be caused by the age difference between these young animators and my oldness.

I went crazy deep in love with the Windmill Boy doc2. Gah, that looks an amazing production, oh, how wonderful to work in a group like that again and on what looks to be such a good tale too.

Gloomy Val had several glimpses of great beauty and clever technique to me (and an astonishingly large group of hands involved to make it?!) but again, I can't see the point beyond someone expressing their really bummed out romantic relationship experience. What am I left with? Hair is scary?

Color me missing the value in all this.

Tennessee Reid said...

Glad to have you back DS.

Now would you mind changing my link?



Darkstrider said...

Done! I didn't realize you had changed it.... I stopped visiting because it was taking FOREVER for the page to load! Seems to be much faster now though.

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