Friday, June 13, 2008

Stool sample

I've just made my first prototype barstool. WOW, what a hassle!!!! Never in my life have I struggled and wrestled and fumbled with so many flipping, flopping fidgety little pieces of wire as they refused to do my bidding. It was like holding down an overturned cockroach while trying to glue something onto all its legs at once.... (sorry!) It's been about 24 hours since I first started this little job, and it's required an immense amount of problem-solving skills --- approximately equal to that required for the REST OF THE FREAKIN' FILM SO FAR!!! Looks pretty wonky, doesn't it? Heh... wait till you see the flipside:
Sorry, seeing this is bringing back the pain and suffering it took to make this crazy thing... I need a minute.

Ok... I'm better. Here's a little pile of legses I bent up last night.... enough for 5 more such monstrosities. I can only hope it gets easier after the first one...

It should actually, because I've now devised a nice little jig that I can assemble the parts on. Still need to come up with one for gluing on the little ring underneath though... extremely FIDGETY.....

(Oh, and don't miss the other new post directly under this one... I kind of buried it right after making it)


jriggity said...

cool man....I like the non perfection of the stool!

its got character!


UbaTuber said...

Schweet schtool! No hole for a rectal tie-down tho?

I love seeing production progress! More pics! More pics!

Darkstrider said...

It's got the same warped look at the bottles and the puppets themselves. I wish the set had that. I'm considering remaking the bar and the walls to abe a bit more warped.

Uba, this is one of the stools nobody will be sitting on... some will have tie-downs. This had a hole for one at one point, but the wire legs started sliding around and I had to squeeze the mass of epoxy putty that was holding them in place, and there went the hole!

Ryan McCulloch said...

Wow, Those are really impressive! I hate making those intricate little props some times, the process can be maddening. Looks like it's been rewarding for you though. Cheers!

Shelley Noble said...

Stool Sample... HA!

I think it looks perfect. Has the right style as others have said.

Love these posts!

Grant's Animation said...

It's funny how some things come together quickly and others, seemingly simple, have you struggling for hours...c'est la vie.

Darkstrider said...

Yeah I never thought this would be so difficult!