Tuesday, May 06, 2008

First we must expose the brain

Hoppy is getting fitted for his cap. More pictures on Flickr.



Mysterious Ron said...

Mike I certainly hope you have malpractice insurance, cuz you obviously left a scalpel in that boys' brain when you closed him up after surgery! Look at his eyes man, look at his EYES! When his mother gets to the hospital and sees that gaunt terrified expression on him, your gonna get hit with a law suit the size of TEXAS!

Nice hat though. :)

Nofby said...

He looks like he's in a walking coma...:) The old chippin' of the brain things left him totally SCARRED! Hehe, I really like the texture and look of his hat, I think he looks even better than before! Also it divides his personality and makes him look different from the others. Really good job!

Paula said...


My name is Paula, I am one of the members of Animat├│rio, a brasilian animation studio.

Yor work is very nice! The scarred eyes are the best!

Best Regards,

Darkstrider said...

Ron, Hoppy killed his mother long ago!!!! He actually did it clawing his way out of the uterus 6 months early. Then when the doctor freaked out and bent close to look at his eyes he bit off his nose and choked him with it.

Nof -

Actually now he hearkens back to some of the oldschool Radke puppets! They always had crazy hats or helmets or hoods on.

Hi Paula!!

I looked at your site the other day.... excellent stuff!!!! Hoppy could be related to the guy in Nerv Attack!

Darkstrider said...

Oh, and I meant to add..... I didjn't sculpt the heads for these guys.... they're the work of a fantastic sculptor/puppet maker named Scott Radke:


Nofby said...

I adore the style and look of this puppets. You just wanna reach out and squeeze their little heads! :)