Sunday, November 12, 2006


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Foam cut from sofa cushion with a drywall saw and applied with two heavy coats of spray adhesive.
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Rough shaping done with kitchen shears.


mefull said...

Adding a torso is really starting to bring this guy to life.

I can't wait to see the finished puppet, nice job with the foam.

Ubatuber said...

Nicely done, I love the first image...spooky eyeless naked Spongebob :) Spongehuck No-Pants? :D

More puppets, more puppets!! Not that I haven't been enjoying the 2-D posts, I love that you're mixing it up, but its always great to see new stop-mo developments...

sven said...

Eeeeeeeee! Very exciting! There's something about bulking out a pup body -- it feels like you turn a corner in the fab process, and are now on the home stretch.

How did you take off the head? I thought that the heads were perma-wired onto their armatures?

I'm really glad to be getting to see your foaming technique; please share more of 'em? :-)

Darkstrider said...

Everything comes out of the chest block, just gotta use an allen key. That's how I plan to dress these guts.... otherwise i don't know how I'd get sleeves for those skinny arms over the huge hands1 I kinda screwed up on Huck though in that regard.... the arms are pretty much adhesived into the foam bodytaco. I'll probably have to kind of tear it apart, unless I can find a way to make sleeves without removing the arms (got a couple of ideas there).

Yeah, it's a great feeling getting so much of the puppet done with so little work now! Up to this point it's been so much work just to get the arms done! Two months on the arms alone, and now in a few minutes I've got the puppet 3/4s of the way done! And in one fell swoop joined together the head and arms.

herself said...

Bodytaco. I'm totally cracking up over that! Great job, Mr. Miksters. Yay. Go go go!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!!!!! Can't wait to see them moving!