Saturday, November 11, 2006

tracin spacin and erasin

All I did tonight was trace the image, and as i did I moved things around a little (Fafhrd's arm and his legs) to try to fix proportioning a little. But I screwed it up and got disgusted with it. He looks like a Frankenstein dude now. As it stands, I'm not sure I want to continue on this piece. I think it would be much better to start fresh, now that I've had a little practicce to get the rust out. Iused to be able to draw figures much better than this, and I know I'll be able to again (probably next time I try will come out a lot better).

Alas, the main reason for doing this piece was because i was burned out on my movie, but it's calling again, I think it's time to get back to those little guys and gals.


herself said...

Nothing against the painting, but yay. I know all of your art informs your animation but nothing is as much fun for me to watch here as the 3D stuff!

Darkstrider said...

Yeah, I'm itchin' to get back to it now... been a long enough vacation from animation.