Friday, September 18, 2009

Happily, Hoppy Has His Hoodie

pants are a breeze...
Trying something new. I just hit one side of the fabric sheet with some spray adhesive and let it tack up for a while, then wrapped it around Hoppy all nice and snug. Made sure to pinch it tight in the space between his legs so it gets good adhesion along the seam lines.
Excess cloth trimmed off
Trimmed away the excess fabric.
Hoppy has pants
This worked extremely well!! It's great for cartoonish puppets. Just make sure to use STREEEEETCH fabric!
Made his hoodie the same way as the pants. I screwed up and got weird wrinkles in the sleeves, but then decided it looks good. Too bad I didn't think to do it on purpose... next time I'll allow for it from the get-go.

Puppet clothes were never simpler to make!


Jessica Koppe said...

Do you ever sleep, Mike?

Due to time difference I always read your articles around lunch time. But hell, it's five o'clock in the morning in Illinois? Some people could better work at night, hm? :)

But – well done again!
Your puppets become more and more interesting, the more you're dressing them up. I already liked their great faces but the clothing really is the icing on the cake.

Darkstrider said...

Heh... I'm just about to hit the sack here in a few minutes. I'm a nocturnal creature, hence the term Darkstrider (and yes, I do love to walk at night). I find the night a great time for creativity... less distractions, plus I don't need to worry about blocking out the windows... I can just animate till the sun comes up!!

Thanks for the compliments on the puppets, and I agree... the clothes really do add a lot of punch!! This is coming together pretty fast now... I might be able to start shooting by the end of the month even!

tonychauzer said...

Hey that hoodie came out quite fantastic. The wrinkling gives it a real touch :) A lot of progress you got going here, very exciting stuff.

Dig the alliteration title!

Yaz said...

I like how your puppets come to life with their own unique characters. Another wonderful puppet. I also think that those wrinkles in the sleeves look very stylish.

And yeah.. being in the dark side of the moon, till the sun comes up!! Love that too.

Shelley Noble said...

I'm Thrilled with this tipplers threads!!

Rocking the clothes, Mikeee.

Go ahead with your mad puppet skillz.

emmyymme said...

Looks great!
I'm really impressed with how well the pants turned out - it seems like one of those things that just shouldn't work for some reason, but ends up looking better than if it had been sewn! really cool character look.

StopmoNick said...

Great progress happening here, knocking them over like ducks in a shooting gallery! P'Ding! p'Ding!
Choice of clothes says a lot about the characters, they are rounding out before my very eyes. I see that dreaded moment when you have to animate for real is coming ever closer.... well, I always have to overcome a bout of procrastinitis when I haven't animated for a while, maybe you'll just jump in with glee...

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) You are almost there!
m_) Soon to animate, correct?
m_) All the best , Mike.
m_) Your works always inspire. Keep working hard.

Darkstrider said...

Thanks everybody!

The ducks are going down faster and faster... soon the fall fashion show will be over, then I just need to finish the set and start to animatin'.

Nick, Im actually eager to animate. I was really having fun with those practice sessions with Skulkin, and itching to get back to it. I might need a little more practice right before I start though.