Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hemmed, Cuffed and Drawstrung

Hemmed, Cuffed and Drawstrung

It's kind of weird how this is working out... I now have a buildup puppet with visible seams down the sides like a foam latex puppet!


Shelley Noble said...

Perfect and stylin, perfect stylin. How'd ju match the draw string so well? Did I see that you wrapped silk thread around wire? Brill.

Darkstrider said...

why yes, that's exactly what I did. And and and.... guess where that orange thread came from?

Yes indeed, it came from a big orange pumpkin-shaped pincushion that the creator of Halfland sent me some years ago, all loaded down with trinkets, bric-a-brac and thingamabobs that she thought I might find useful. I still turn to that resource all the time, and it still hasn't run dry. The gift that keeps on giving!

StopmoNick said...

Great touch with the drawstring! So if that's wire inside, you could do some secondary animation with the strings swinging?

Mike, you must've had a sip of whatever Shelley's on - both of you got major progress happening!

Darkstrider said...

Heh... now I guess I HAVE to do some secondary drawstringimation!! Should make the character more fun though... especially considering he's the most active actor on the set.

And now that my year-long vacation from animation (from June 08 to June 09) has ended I took a long cool drink of Iwannagetthisthingdone!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Concord Carpenter said...

Really cool stuf, thanks for sharing your craft!

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