Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Concept art & behind-the-scenes pics from Noro Drziac's The Great Sneezer

These don't really require any explanation. Just some beautiful art and BTS shots from a fantastic film (more info in the previous entry just below this one). Sent to me quite kindly by Mr. Drziak himself in honor of the exhibition opening in New York (also detailed in the preceeding post).
I particularly like this one - it reveals the secret to those wonderful, warped buildings!!! Look closely -- is that sheets of styrofoam I see being cut and glued to each other? Interesting....


Shelley Noble said...

Simply beautiful, what a production. It's a perfect thing, hats off.

Nick H said...

Is he good? Yep, he's scary good!
Great artwork, and thanks for that styrofoam cutting shot. Makes me want to dump all the straight sets I just salvaged from the ABC and start all over with wonky styrene shapes!

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ salvage is go0DD.

(^ kNOW off to stucco a wall in an area nobody knows how to do anything but carpentry work.

wyrdmorph rosub = rosebud Rosabel Roseau rosebush

mefull said...

something about those characters, there so full of . . . well character!

I am surprised, but maybe I shouldn't be, no digital SLR's- just good old film.

That painted sky background is to fantastic

Thanks for the posts

jriggity said...

Aweosme pics!


Walrus said...

Sorry that my comment is not directly related to this post; what I really wanted to do was send you an email but I didn't see an address.

I love your blog, your webpage and the youtube links you have posted (which is how I stumbled upon you). I'm a big stop-motion fan (though not a filmmaker), Czech-culture enthusiast and Gene Wolfe reader (I noticed you listed him on your profile).

Anyway, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about the DVDs you mentioned in the "Masters" section of Darkstrider.net:
1) Are all the DVD links you listed to films with English audio or subtitles?
2) Which Jiri Trnka films do you most recommend and how much should I be paying for them?
3) I noticed you had several Karel Zeman youTube clips, but he wasn't in your Masters section. Can you provide me any links to where I can get copies of his work, particularly 1001 Nights and The Tale of John and Marie?

Give me an email at filmwalrus@gmail.com if you have some time. I'd love to trade recommendations, advice, whatever.

And keep up the good work on the blog. I'll be reading.