Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amazing Coraline Maquettes!!!



Wowsers!!! Check out the amazing maquettes and sculptures from Coraline at the Bard Sculpture Studio site!! You can see Coraline characters and sets in galleries 1 through 4 I think, plus possibly elsewhere (I haven't looked through it all yet). Lots of other incredible sculpture and concept work all over the site too... this is one to explore with relish!

Also be sure to check out the Wieden & Kennedy blog for more behind the scenes goodness. This is the advertising agency who masterminded the Coraline Mystery Box campaign that took the web by storm. Ok maybe the Visual Companion book sucks (so I keep hearing anyway), but this time around there's a huge wealth of information on the web for us to whet our appetites on. Be sure to check out my buddy Sven's blog for pics of the inner workings of the puppets. Man, I can't believe I still haven't seen this.... everyone is saying it's Selick's absolute masterpiece and that it even trumps the Nightmare Before Christmas....


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Darkmatter,

I haven't seen it yet either. I'm hoping to get to it as soon as I can though. I got side tracked by a broken toe twenty minutes before the time to leave for the first showing.

I hope we both get to see it soon.

Lady Euphoria

Darkstrider said...

Oh ouch!!! Man, that's horrible timing, huh??? Heal up and go see Coraline as soon as you can, ok? And hopefully you'll get to see it in 3D!!

jriggity said...

It absolutely TRUMPS nightmare!!

Great Link man.


Paul said...

I got to see the 3D 'Coraline', really enjoyed it! Hey, if you want to add to the 'Coraline' box that you have, there is more original material from the film production on eBay. Very pricey though, if I had the cash I'd buy something.


Thanks for the links to the inner-workings of the film's rigs, very interesting.

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stephanie said...

Hey Mike, let us know what you think of the story once you see it. I'm curious!

Of course the visuals are amazing, and for me it was hard to think critically of the story because of this... but maybe you can! (i've heard some interesting crits...)