Monday, June 26, 2006

Ahab gets a T-shirt

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Hey all,
I just created a T-shirt design with Ahab's grinning mug on it over at a site called Zazzle... it's basically like Cafe Press, but where as CP just started offering black T-shirts in beta recently, Zazzle offers a few dark colors. I was hoping to find a nice burgundy shirt, so he'd feel at home, but no go. After trying him on all the dark colors I decided he looks best on the black after all. Oh well. *Actually, I just checked, and he looks pretty darn good on Navy Blue! Might have to get me another one!*

Here's the link to my store if anybody wants to get one: Darkmatter Gallery at Zazzle

Now, let me explain.... don't think that by buying a shirt you're helping me out or anything. I'll make like 2.50 every time somebody gets one... no big dealio. I'm not doing this for money at all, I just thought it would be cool to have my own Ahab shirt, and thought some other peeps might like one too. So, if you want one, feel free (you can modify the design if you want... knock yourselves out if you feel the creative impulse). But don't do it if you're just wanting to help me out.

I'll be creating some more (less expensive) products in the near future too. I gotta have me a Ahab mug!

...And (hint hint) I sure would love to be able to get my own Nola shirt in basic black. Or maybe a nice big print.

***IMPORTANT NOTE!!! - I haven't yet recieved my 'artists proof' shirt, so until I do (in about a week) please don't order one! I'll give my full and unbiased report of how good the quality is when mine comes in. There are a few known issues with digital printing on dark garments, but i believe my design circumvents them. They mostly deal with white areas and gradients, which are nonexistant on my design.


herself said...

I absolutely want an Ahab T and a Nola poster!!! Maybe a Percy puppet, a bendy Ale character figurine, an OAR dvd, and whatever the hell Mark does--I want that too!! yay!!!

herself said...

Oh, and a boxed set of hand letter-pressed calligraphy note cards from Gretchin too please!

Ubatuber said...

Great idea, I always have these little marketing nuggets tucked away, ideas for future promotion. I'll definitely check out the site and design a few shirt variations! Gotta come up with some catchy slogans....I still like Live Bait...

Sucks that they don't have your trademark burgundy :(

Goods ideas from Shelley as well, I've thought that Gretchin would be great at designing and producing our Secret Society Stationary, complete with wax seal :) Would give us all an excuse to keep the 'vintage' art of snail mail alive...

Darkstrider said...

Ahab looks so good on Navy Blue that I'm actually thinking about changing the bg color here! I created a few more goodies too, you'll see them if you click on the shirt above. All with blue backgrounds.

mefull said...

The T-shirts look good

I like the postage stamp idea, I saw that Amazon offers the custom postage thing too.

Let us know when you get your shirt how you like it.

Darkstrider said...

Yes!!1 My postage stamp went through! When you design one there's a waiting period while they review it to make sure it meets all federal requirements. I wasn't sure they'd accept it with my blog addy on there.

I have a feeling the image will look best on the stamp, then the coffee mug, because they're the smallest. On the shirt and the print, you can clearly see some weird artifacting around the text. Even in the small images! Unfortunately, all that remains of that Ahab shot is the jpeg... the original is long since destroyed in a computer meltdown. I might shoot a new one with the iDshot and start fresh.