Friday, February 25, 2011

The Lumix Smackdown Challenge - putting the G1 and the FZ50 through their paces


I won't write a lot about this here... just click the image above and view the group of pictures uploaded to my Lumix Smackdown Challenge set. Yes, I finally decided it was time to buy the much-lauded G1 and give it a whirl. 

A warning right up front though - DO NOT BUY THE G1 FOR STOPMO!!! It does NOT have a true full-time live feed that works with a framegrabber!!! (Actually it DOES have live view out - see next post for details on how to enable it) In many other respects it remains similar to it's larger but less refined cousin the FZ50, but for some reason Panny decided to disable the full-time live view out. 
In fact my research revealed that NO Micro Four Thirds camera yet made has live view out that actually functions in another device (like a framegrabber for instance)... until the newly-released GH2. I might be selling my shiny sexy new G1 to get one and test it out. Keep watching this space. 

Ok, for more info check THIS THREAD at the stopmotion message board. 

Enough typing for tonight... Im wiped out from massive research and camera testing. 


Shelley Noble said...

Another fantastic display of the Darkstrider formidable mind, Mikeee.

Incredibly impressive as usual.

Thank goodness you are out here using that remarkable noodle of yours so we can then just swoop in and reap the ample benefits of your neurolabors!


You are indeed Ghandihausen. m..m

mycael™ said...

If you really manage to keep all this shades and soft melting contrasts and sharp details and… your lightning skills are incredible.
Now if you are (technically) able to keep this stable, then… boyoboy… woha.

This images got so much atmosphere, so much… how to say… they look like actual scenes from a film ! Not only illustrations, nope - an actual film !

I'm all excited !

Darkstrider said...


Totally CINEMATIC. That's exactly what I was thinking. ALMOST like they were actually shot on 35mm movie film. Maybe a bit too crisp and clean for that... too digitally sharp. A good postprocessing software can add film grain and soften the image slightly to possibly make it look almost EXACTLY like film.


Feel free to pop off the top of my noggin and help yerself to some noodle soup anytime!! It's like Top Ramen in there!!