Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coming along


Just a quick teaser pic to show how the bar is looking these days. Printed up loads of tiny little labels and pasted them onto bottles, made posters, even put together a miniature magazine.

Click here to see it much larger on Flickr. Once there, click on ALL SIZES above the pic.


rich johnson said...

the bar looks great. Love the details in the labels.

tonychauzer said...

Hope Skulkin isn't a mean drunk. Looks like he's about to down the entire bottle!

Labels work fantastically!

UbaTuber said...

Looking good bro :)

Shelley Noble said...

Everything looks great, Mike. That magazine looks perfectly real scale!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ just one good Treacle bottle and another absinthe might be nice:

(^ and one labeled LACKER
(^ OH! and one with the general electric logo1
and one with a mister YUCK sticker on it's bottle cap!

(^ ok so I like goading too far.

(^ ...Bestine, anyone?

Yaz said...

Labels and magazine look great! Just one thing... the label of the bottle in Skulkin's hand.. that one look too white to me. Perheps it would look darker in a different position. Maybe less contrast on the label?? Will Skulkin hold that one in the film?

Darkstrider said...

Thanks everybody!!

Yaz, Skulkin and his bottle are standing in a bad spot lighting=wise, they're just completely blasted out with bright light. Note the blown out highlights on top of his head!! I didn't do much to the lighting for this shot, just wanted the bottles and posters on the back wall to look good. But trust me, in decent lighting, that bottle (and Skulkin) looks a lot better.

Yaz said...

Mike, yes, I got it. Bottles and posters on the back wall look great!

StopmoNick said...

Looks great, warm and mellow and very well stocked! ... except for those Top Secret bits, wonder what's going on under there?
Just posted my June drinking exercise, a mere 3 1/2 weeks late:
It probably is just the light - Skulk's head looks like mine used to feel, doing live puppetry under hot lights - but I had a couple of labels that were too white, and stained them with a dab of shellac.

people in gorillasuits said...

Great looking sneak preview - and about the lightning and everything: it's way much better quality than what we usually get from Paparazzis :) (this one had a massive flashlight....)

jriggity said...

you are Rollin man!!