Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I'm going to finish this film

Suddenly decided last night that I cannot let this film die. It's so close to completion - a few more months can see it all the way through. As you can see, the set literally needs to be excavated before I can even get within 2 feet of it! So much stuff piled around it and on it. Let the digging commence.


UbaTuber said...

My studio is the same, mounds of junk pile in front of the sets. Ive been cleaning mine out so I can finish Krampus and start officially working on Jenny G. Last week's 10 year Katrina anniversary woke up the beast and she needs out :)
I've been following your awesome art adventures but it will be nice to see some animation happening too!

Darkmatters said...

Oh hell yeah!! Unearth Krampus (see what I did there?) and then begin dredging for Jenny G! It took me by surprise too when I saw something about a 10 year anniversary for Katrina - it seems like just a couple years ago we were talking about it when it was still recent. For me the decision was because I was taking some pictures of my set to post in a thread on SMA and seeing parts of it close up reminded me how much work went into creating it, and all the dreams I installed in it.

StopmoNick said...

Hey, great, I can't say how pleased I am to hear you're setting up your film again! (Also happy Jenny is emerging from the depths too!)
I've got a similar situation, a film I've put a lot of work into, but there are certain points where I got stuck (like writing dialog) so it keeps getting put aside while I do other stuff where I know what I'm doing. If you can get back to it, maybe I can too!

Shelley Noble said...

OMG!!! Guys, I could cry to hear the stop mo embers igniting once again! Oh sweet heavens, yes, please keep going on these films! Can't wait to see what you make of it.

Dean said...

Great news! I saw the photos you posted and was going to ask about the current status of your film. Did you name it 'Cosmo's'?.... It's been a while :)

I'm also looking to get back into it all (living arrangements forced a hiatus). There must be something in the air :D

Darkmatters said...

Hey Dean- well, Cosmo's is the working title, but it's still subject to change. I hope it is something in the air - let's see a huge renaissance of stopmotion projects welling up all over!!