Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fimfarum - now including The Making of

Here is the Czech puppetfilm Fimfarum collected in its entirety, and with English subtitles even!!! Amazing!!! What a world we live in! I've assembled it all into a nifty playlist so it will play through uninterrupted for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

As an added bonus, here's The Making of Fimfarum 1 & 2... in English!! Sorry the quality doesn't match the quality of the videos above.

For lots more of this Eastern European Puppetfilm goodness, hit up the Video Clips page on my website or visit The Motion Brigades on YouTube. My site has brief teasers from a lot of Czech and Eastern European puppetfilms, the Motion Brigades has the full length films.


Shelley Noble said...

Mike! Thank you so munch for assembling and presenting these animations here. I never would have seen them otherwise.

There's so much to praise to heap on them and so may technical things to wonder about.

The clever playlist got through two episodes into Fearless Freddie and then stopped. Which I'm glad for, otherwise I'd be frozen here with my mouth open all day!

My overall swoon over these stories is the thorough and cohesive style throughout. There's enough detail to be hand-crafted and charming but not more than is needed to suggest the environments.

Perfect storytelling isn't it!?

So far my favorite details were the floor planks of the inn and the brightness of the lanterns.

My biggest confusion so far is how they tied down, I can't see any holes in the floors. I guess if it's 2002 they had access to digitally erasing holes and rigs?

No matter, the Czechs have kicked all kinds of ass again. I wonder if I can import whatever they're drinking!?

Darkstrider said...

I'm sure they;re just using standard methods to hide tie-down holes, like plasticene. You don't generally see tie-down holes in a professional stopmotion film.

Yaz said...

Mike, this is amazing. Thanks for posting this film and its making of video!! It looks all great from scripting to post production. I am in love with this kind of puppets. I have been checking out different Czech Marionettes lately on the net. Yes, they do now how to make a puppet alive with all of its characteristical features before even animating. Just looking at an inanimate puppet tells the story alone.

"Once upon a time there was a fairytale and Thank God there still is!"

Kay Richardson said...

Loving the vids. They scare me. But in a good way. Yes.

DJ Dyer said...

Thanks so much for sharing these!!

The Great Silence said...

Thanks for putting these up for us. When I get a chance I will watch everyone.

Bob said...

Love the animations, they're delightfully creepy.

* * *

Darkstrider said...

Wow... so much spam!!! Where is all this coming from? I delete spam mercilessly.

Hah!! Take that Spam!!

Darkstrider said...

Much better!

Darkstrider said...

Ah!! Well that explains it!! Somehow I made it into Blogs of Note... THAT'S why all the sudden unprecedented spam!! And also why Photobucket said I"m about to exceed by bandwidth for the month and all my pics and vids will disappear till next month unless I upgrade to a Pro account. Damn... the price of fame!!!

Michael said...

Hi, I'm the guy who uploaded Fimfarum to Youtube. Fimfarum suddenly started getting a lot of views in the past few days, so thanks for embedding it! (and that's also how I found this blog)

If anyone's interested, I've also uploaded Krysar (in its entirety), another Czech stop-motion film:

Sorry if that counts as spam, but at least it's related to stop-motion, so I hope you don't mind!

Rahul said...


Awesome work man.

I did not know the story but even reading it in subtitles and watching it after a long day of work, gave me a lot of pleasure.


Yousta said...

Wow! Chech animation is in such a good shape! Don't give up your ambitions,

I wish you all the good luck,

Greetings from Poland,


Cassandra Cappello said...

These are awesome! I can not stop watching them! I love everything about the style!

Darkstrider said...

Michael... not Spam at all!!! Wow... seriously.... Krysar???!!!! Damn.... I think I'm gonna have to embed that one here too!!!

And seriously.... I'll bet it's because I had Fimfarum posted on my blog that I made Blogs of Note. So it's benefitting both of us - as well as spreading the word about all this great Eastern European animation to the world at large!!

תזונה said...

Anmtzih most beautiful I've seen lately

Anonymous said...