Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two great artists that taste great together -- or: You got your Alizarine in my Puce


If you've been with me for a while, you may have seen me rave in the past about the work of contemporary artist Kent Williams. Definitely one of my favorites on the scene today. He did one of the images above. Can you guess which one? Hint.... it's not the top one, as much as it looks like his work. I could Almost have been fooled had I not known it was actually the work of his wife, Mari Inukai.

There's a remarkable similarity in their approach, which really messed with my head when I first discovered her work (which actually was through the Totoro Forest website I posted about recently). To see more of her work, check her blog at SEKAISEIFUKU or her website at MariInukai.com.

They must have really learned and developed alongside each other.

In unrelated news, I must report that I don't expect to have anything accomplished for Monster Month, barring some unforseen burst of creativity. But hey, at least I did spend my month doing something creative.... I made some new friends! Been spending the majority of my free time with Rose and Cliff (yes, their real names.... very evocative and imagistic, no?). So, no monsters, but one monster hangover a while back....


Edwound Wisent said...

(^ rosenclift to guilden stirnuptuals.
(^ friends are a monsterous task to feed frenzy to.
it matter more than all this darkmartyred stuff anywho.

(^ pleasentries aside,
(^ if you can make eye contact
(^ with humans without wincing?
(^ eWE'r goODDly.

(^ enjoy the hang. overtNoutspits

Melvyn Erville said...

You can tell they are expert clasically trained...but with some wonderfull mirrror or somthing...thanks for the link...i'm gonna follow you around the net, not becaus i'm a stalker but because you know where you're going and i'm always lost (and i'm also a stalker)m_e

Shelley Noble said...

Darkstrider... getting so-cial. yay. This is good!

Your other commentors are funny!

Darkstrider said...

Yeah, it's not often I get past the wince reflex, takes a special breed of people. Fortunately they fit the profile.

Hey, when you're cyberstalking yourself, how to determine who's the victim and who the perp? We might have to arrest both ourselves.

And Shelley.... so, if Im now in a So-C(i)al state, does that make us neighbors?