Monday, March 31, 2008

'Toward a Coherent Comic Dramaturgy' on Wordplay

Here's another great recent find..... a screenwriter's website: Wordplay.

This post in particular is excellent (unfortunately the link goes to a frameless page without navigation.... use the top link to see the site properly). And keep in mind.... though the tone is strictly tongue-in-cheek and written in such a way as to poke fun at intellectual film analysis articles, the information itself is excellent! It was refreshing to run across this after all the pure dramatic story stuff I've been ingesting. In comedy there's no need for a character arc or for strictly adhering to dramatic guidelines.... it can be episodic and the characters can be simple.... in fact it's best done like that. Comic characters generally have one powerful obsession that's responsible for all their problems. So without further ado, read on good folks (oh, and feel free to skip the first three paragraphs if you want.... they're purely psuedointellectual gobbledegook).....