Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One thing I'm starting to get a feel for.... when you have everything zoned in perfectly and create a compressed Jpeg to post on the web, it changes things.... the entire image lightens and some of the color is leeched out. So you want to start with it a little dark and oversaturated.

I've known for a while now that the moon needed to be moved... now it accounts for the rim lighting on her shoulder and in the hair, and it's more like the right size. Also it was kind of weird and distracting hanging right in front of her face like that, as if she was looking at it somehow. It took on too much importance there.

Did a bit more nippin' and tuckin' on the nose - it looks plasticy now, but the form is better. Too big, but better, if that makes sense. I discovered by flipping the image that the facial structure is completely screwed.... when the nose looks right for the left side, it looks wrong for the right, unless I make it a huge honker like this. I mean, Joely has quite the schnozz in real life, but not like THIS!!!


Mysterious Ron said...

I think the problem is the balance between the eyes, the one on the right of the image seems just a tiny bit small and higher than it should be. Want me to take a whack at it in Photoshop? I've been animating tiny birds all day, it might be a fun diversion.

Darkstrider said...

Ooops... I forgot to respond in here! Ron did some surgery and fixed the structural problems, and along the way taught me a few things about photoshop's Liquify filter.