Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Testing for my latest project

I want to be able to take pictures with my foot..


Shelley Noble said...

Fancy! I have no idea what alchemical majick you rendered, sir, but the clip of you doing it looked really sweet!

Darkmatters said...

Why thanky kindly!!
There'll be one or two more clips of this build, you'll be able to piece together what it's for.

Dean said...

Nice work, MacGuyver! The first camera I got for stop motion was no good for stop motion. It had no remote shutter release, wasn't compatible with StopMoPro or Dragon and the zoom and focus were controlled by a very imprecise spring lever. Dean 0 - 1 Research.

Is the video sped up or do you actually move through life at that speed? Is that what the foot pedal is for? Speed animating ;)

Darkmatters said...

Hey Dean-O!

Three cups of coffee, a monster and a red bull is all it takes. Lol, no it's sped up of course - I find just about every vlog style video would benefit from that plus a lot of editing out of the dull parts. Man, I wish I could just step on a peddle and speed myself up!! I'd get so much more done! At certain points you can hear me cursing like a sailor - ok, really more like maybe an eagle scout who's thinking of becoming a sailor. It sounds like a chipmunk.