Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hacking the GF3 - Mjpeg 720/30p mode is now 1080/24p!!

Today I put Flowmotion v 2.02 on the GF3, which was formerly a really good stills camera (with a great intelligent auto mode) but a crappy video camera, with soft mushy details all over. Now it's a turbo-charged movie machine with crystal clear visuals, and the Mjpeg 720p mode is magically converted to 1080p! Not only that, but whereas it's normally 30fps, it's now 24. Perfect - it's a cinematic badass now, and with one of the 64 gig 95MB/s cards it will give an hour and 24 minutes (or was it 40-something?) of pristine video.

It's still no good for stopmotion - won't take a remote of any kind and can't be set up to full manual in any mode. Of course I could rig the solenoid actuator on top of it to push the shutter button physically - in fact that's the original reason I bought the actuator. But no manual controls is a deal breaker. So it's now my little fun camera, for running around and just playing. It was ridiculously cheap - $58!! I can't help but wonder if the seller made a mistake converting from Yen into Dollars and left off a  decimal place, and maybe when the money showed up in his account he was slapping himself on the forehead over and over or something. Or maybe he inherited his dad's camera and just wanted to clear out some attic space, I don't know. At any rate, it's mine now and so cheap that I have little fear of damaging it (except for the lens of course).

Spent a good part of the day familiarizing myself with some of the video features - man, today's digital cameras are freakin complicated!! So much to try to remember - I think I'll just keep it in intelligent auto and try to discover what it can do for now.

I must have been capturing video from one of the stills modes like aperture or shutter priority, because I just checked and in movie mode the Mjpeg 720, while it has switched to 1080p, is in 30 fps, not 24. Complicateder and complicateder! I suppose I need to do a bunch of tests and write down the results, make myself a cheat sheet so I know what's going on. But then, since this is really just a run & gun camera I'm not concerned over what framerate it's using, just that the footage looks good.

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