Saturday, October 10, 2015

Every little bit helps (bitrate info concerning the Sedna hack and stopmotion)

For my own edification, here's info on the hack I installed in my GH2. The important thing to note in each block is the bitrate - that's the amount of information captured by the sensor, which equates to greater detail resolution in the video.

Sedna A - Max Detail Q20 version, including the Pasadena Pulse audio hack

SDXC card - Sandisk 64Gig, Class 10, write speed 95MB/s (the bulletproof card)

Shot done in HBR mode (high bit rate):
FPS:                            29.97 (standard in HBR 1020 AVCHD)
Shutter Speed:            1/30 second  -   nice smooth panning - tested @ 1/25 and got jitter
Profile:                        Smooth, flat (everything set to - 2)
Bitrate on playback:   150.54 mb/s

Shot done in 24P mode:
FPS:                            24 (standard in 24p 1020 AVCHD)
Shutter Speed:            1/25 second   -  nice smooth panning
Profile:                        Smooth, flat (everything set to - 2)
Bitrate on playback:   160.97 mb/s
I had to laugh to see that the bitrate is actually higher in 24p mode than in HBR (high bit rate)! Those are really astonishing bit rates - pre-hack I was getting rates of 114.26 mb/s (it looked really good even then!) But here's the really crazy thing... I just checked the data on a couple of the clips shot on the old G1 in stopmotion, using still pictures assembled into a video file. Those stills of course are much bigger than 1920 x 1080. Here's the info:

Shot on the G1 in stopmotion:
Uncompressed full size video files:    Size: 2963 x 1240
Bitrate on playback:                             1,216.94 mb/s (!!!!)

Uncompressed HD video files:          Size: 1920 x 803
Bitrate on playback:                             376.72 mb/s (!!!) 

Wow!!! Even after reducing the size to HD, the stopmotion files are still more than double the bitrate of the Sedna files!! And this is on the G1 - the first Micro Four Thirds camera, @ only 12MP. It will be even better with the GH2, a 16MP camera.

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