Saturday, October 24, 2015

Filmmaking System part 2 -- concerning the remote monitor

New stuff I've learned and need to remember:

  • Don't hot-plug HDMI cables! Have both devices (camera and monitor) switched OFF when plugging or unplugging cable. Hot-plugging can damage the electronics, and will most likely cause the camera and monitor to both shut down suddenly after working for a little while. 
  • Don't change anything on the monitor after recording begins or the monitor will shut down instantly and the camera will stop recording.
  • Always remove battery from back of monitor when it's not being used - it drains even while shut off. See about getting a power adapter for it since it gets used only in the studio. 
  • If you forget and hot-plug the HDMI cable or change a setting on the monitor and it screws everything up, you probably need to re-format the memory card before camera will record properly again.

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