Friday, October 18, 2013

Ok, it's time to reveal my *other* blog...

Forgive me stopmoes, I've been unfaithful! The reason I haven't been updating here is that I've been working on my other passion - learning to paint. About a year ago I started another blog, which remained private until today, which I've been using as a journal of my artistic development. I'm still pretty insecure about going public with it, it consists largely of my thoughts about various artists and art in general, along with the art I've been doing to try to blow the dust off my neglected skills and try to transition from drawing to painting. I had just got a tablet around november last year, and was fumbling around with it very clumsily. Just because I kept trying though, I did develop some skill with using the stylus and with working in photoshop elements, and now I'm beginning to get used to working in color. A lot of what I have posted there isn't very good at all - much of it is simply exercises to develop my skills and stay in practice, some of it in media I'm unfamiliar with or trying things I hadn't done before.

Ok, enough excuses - the blog is called Artventure, and here's a glimpse of my latest creation in its current state of development:

I'll add the link to my sidebar soon. Hope to hear from some old friends over there! Feel free to leave comments on old posts if you want.