Friday, April 15, 2016

Sending Love Around the World

For many years now I've had a link for Jessica Koppe's website in my sidebar, and I kept it there even when she decided to start making her posts entirely in German language. That's because her art speaks the international language - you can 'get it' even if you can't read the words underneath. Visual art crosses the language barrier (which is exactly why I've always loved the European Puppetfilm so much even though often I have no idea what's being said in them!)

What else speaks the international language?

Love, of course!!

And that happens to be the subject of her latest endeavor, an animated film called Liebe (which is German for -  well, I think you already know, right? If not then I've failed miserably!)

Here's the link to her Indiegogo project:  Leibe

Yes, most of the text is in German, as is the video (at least the one I looked at), but she at least listed the perks in English as well, so if you decide to support her you can choose what level you want. I'm assuming that most of my core audience, the ones who go back to when I used to post about the Eastern Euro puppetfilm stuff, aren't overly concerned with needing to read the words, and are primarily visual people like I am. That's why many of us are artists after all, right? Because we have something to say that can't be said in normal everyday speech, or maybe not in words at all.

Jessica, if you see this, I apologize for not making the post sooner - I really wanted to, but suffered a debilitating computer virus that wiped out my internet connection and is still playing havoc with me. I'm only just now starting to be able to get back online, and limping along on this notebook PC that I have a lot of trouble using. Even the simplest things are extremely difficult. But enough complaining!

She explained it to me in an email, but right now I don't have access to my email account, so I'll try to reconstruct this from memory as well as I can. Hope I don't mess it up too much! I believe she said she asked people in her social media network to tell her their most powerful stories about love and what it means to them, and she's taking their responses and turning them into an animated film, I'm assuming in a style like her drawing/painting style. She likes to work on paper, often (always?) on paper that's already been used for something else, so it already has a certain 'lived-in' feel to it. I really enjoy her unusual quirky style and approach.

Let's send some Love across the Atlantic to Jessica, shall we? I for one really want to see the finished film!! I'll definitely be donating to help her complete it. I hope a few of you do as well. 


Shelley Noble said...

W00t! Nicely done, Mikeee. Jessica is great people.

Darkmatters said...

She's the best people!! I LOVE Jessica!!

Jessica Koppe said...

You guys are so sweeeet!

Mike, thank you for this lovely promotion for my campaign, I much appreciate that, and I owe you a favor… :)

You introduced the film nicely, and I am happy if any of you silent lurkers out there is going to contribute! Even though the video is in German, there is an English description of the film below the German one.

Thank you so much, and spread the love! – It's four days to go!