Friday, January 29, 2016

Building much-needed bookcases

For way too long, this is what my 'library' has looked like. Sad haphazard stacks of books languishing forlorn in a corner of a basement room designated for 'storage' (meaning unrestrained chaos that's essentially the same as the day I moved in this house!) It looked a lot worse than this when I first got started - I moved 4 or 5 huge boxes out of the middle of the floor before taking this picture, to clear the arena for what I'm about to do..

These 3 heavy boxes contain the bookcases that I finally broke down and decided to buy yesterday. I never did buy any before because - well, whenever I look on Amazon all I see are particleboard or pressed paper atrocities with fake wood veneer.  I've got a few of those - I already know if you try to put hardback books on them the shelves will sag in the middle.

I had concocted a far-flung notion to build some modular bookcases that would interlock together but come moving time can be picked up and used as crates, just big enough so they won't be too heavy to carry even fully loaded. Yesterday I decided to get serious and just do it - I started sketching up the design and measuring and realized how freaking difficult it was going to be, and finally decided it was worth it to shell out for some solid wooden (not particleboard!) shelves. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and pay for quality - after all, this is a lifetime investment. My books deserve a decent home!! So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Under construction..

First one done!!

Wow, looking a lot better already!! 

I realized I could use the top surface as another shelf..

Took a quick trip out to Hobby Lobby - it had moved to just across the street from the old location, in a mega-gigantic shopping center - I had to drive around for like 10 minutes to find it! The only halfway decent set of bookends they had was this one with a split dachshund, who's tail had been broken off and glued back on rather poorly, but as a result it was reduced from $48 to $7. 

I've got the second bookcase built - but more pics at this point would be redundant. I might upload some more when I get the room cleaned up and the other shelves done and filled. It really feels good to bring some structure to the chaos. Especially some nice solid birch structure! These things are super strong - made for use in children's classrooms, where they're expected to get climbed on like a jungle gym. 


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