Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wide Load - and Stop Scratching that Rasch!

Tonight I downloaded some freeware called HuginOSX that stitches pictures together into panoramic images. I had tried the free trial version of something similar before, but it didn't work very well (at least the one time I tried it). This one worked like a charm! Ever since I got my new Kodak Easyshare Z650 digital camera a few days ago I've been wishing it would capture wide panoramic views specifically so I could do justice to this particular image. You still can't really tell how deep the gorge is between the two houses, or just how tangled and chaotic the wilderness is there, but it's about as close as you can get! I just decided to go ahead and take 3 consecutive shots at exactly the same settings, panning the camera on the tripod each time and trying to make sure there's a little overlap at the edges of the images, and I hoped I could find some good panoramic stitchware. Well, maybe it's a Christmas present, but it all fell into my lap perfectly! Click the image above to feast your eyes (my present to all my readers).

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Also, jriggity hits the blog scene! Justin Rasch (aka jriggity on the stopmo message board) has started blogging. Keep an eye on him... this guy is going places! Click the pic or use the new link at the bottom of my Stopmo Blogs link list to the right.


UbaTuber said...

Beautiful image!! I love camera fun :) I could almost see this pic as a backdrop.....

Darkmatters said...

Yeah, for some reason it looks like a miniature set! Not sure why that is... probably partly because of the unusual lighting, and maybe there's a little distortion.