Monday, December 25, 2006

Dumped another load

Here's one of the steaming fresh pics I just uploaded to Flickr. This is one I decided was worth doing a little photoshopping of. Did a red and a green version (hmm... oddly appropriate considering it's Christmas Eve!).

Anywho, I also added a bunch of pics of the house and the surroundings, still all shot in the dark of night. My neighbors must be wondering what the heck's going on! Some of them aren't really very good - I'll probably be pruning the collection in a while, so if you want anything be sure to download it before it's gone.

Have a merry Christmas everybody!


I took the best pics from the Nightscapes set and modified them slightly to increase atmosphere, then created a new set called Darkvisions. That's the one to check for my best night shots.

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