Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here we go again.... SuperNOVembathon!!!!

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With Monster Month behind us now, we've decided to start another production marathon because basically Shelley and I were both slackin'. I'll be jumping back and forth between a few different projects... one being the Fafhrd painting project (which nobody seems to dig much), one being the Scott Radke puppet flick (which I was getting burnt on so I had to do something else for a little while) and then there's the critter above, which I'm designing and hope to build as a stopmo puppet and animate sometime next year. He's the Dragontiss (emphasis on the second syllable), and you can see more details about him on our Monster Month page at Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the silence on Fafhrd... I've really enjoyed what I've seen of your paintings and drawings. Please, do keep it up!

Personally, I haven't been in a 2D illustration mode for quite a while now... You saw that with monster month I opted for quick pen & ink style drawings. I feel like you've got illustration knowledge that I want to suck up -- so I guess I've gone into lurker mode, mostly just absorbing until I feel like I've got a better grasp on how you work.

You're reinvigorated to get back to some more 2D work... Can you talk some more about where you're wanting to push toward? (Not that there has to be a grand ambition; just looking for ways to become less of a passive reader on this topic.)

Shelley Noble said...

I dug your Fafhrd illio too, Mike. I just thought for once I'd shut up because I have zero relationship to any 2D art and have never read any fantasy books of any kind, unless you count the memoir of Hedy Lamarr, "Ecstasy and Me, My Life as a Woman". Tee hee.

Darkmatters said...

Hey Sven, that's a good idea! I'll do a post tonight about why I want to do the Fafhrd painting project. There's a lot behind it really, and I haven't explained it yet.