Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Say Hello to my Little Friend!



This is the GEOmetric Cyclops vinyl model kit, produced some time in the 90's I believe and long unavailable. Man I love eBay!! A vinyl kit is hollow and kind of squishy/ flexible, and the way the parts pop together it can be re-posed like an action figure. Some people keep that articulation, but I'm going to pose it the way I want and putty the seams and paint it up, after filling with resin to make it heavy and solid like a sculpture rather than a toy.

There have been several Cyclops kits made, both resin and vinyl, but most of them didn't really look much like the real deal. This one is spot on! It comes with two right hands... one for holding the club and one for... um... NOT holding the club, and there are two heads. The other head is the two-horned Cyclops. Pretty cool, but that one was just a bit player in 7th Voyage... I wanted to build the REAL Cyclops!

After moving into my new house, one of the first things I got was the amazing book Ray Harryhausen: Master of the Majicks vol 3, which has been incredibly inspiring. That chance purchase has seriously influenced my decorating choices! I'm setting my animation studio up in the basement in this cool big room that has a narrow shelf running all the way around it.

Aw geeze... now I guess I need to get some pictures... much easier than trying to explain it. I'll post those soon, but let me finish my story...

Anywho, I have groupings of DVDs and VHS tapes displayed on the shelf in places, and I've bought a lot of posters to hang beneath the shelf. I decided since this is my animation studio I wanted the entire room to be a shrine to movie images from the films I love, so the posters are all from classic monster movies and stopmotion flicks, plus I've been going crazy buying up 8 x 10 photos and lobby cards from King Kong and several Harryhausen films.

And I decided the spaces in between groupings of DVDs/ tapes needed statues and models.

I also have an Ymir and Gwangi on the way. More pics when they arrive!


Shelley Noble said...

Britchin'! Your lair is going to be all kinds of cool. Any girl that walks in there and swoons from the collections you have, marry her!

a guy in a gorilla suit said...

Well hello, little one.

While moving in to what seems to be a real home since years and building up a workplace where I can work on my stuff, I also started to sort out pictures and inspiring stuff - mainly sketeches of stuff I want to do so long time.
In between I try to expand the collection with motives/material that don't relate directly with what I am doing actually but that I have a connection to somehow. I am quite curious how this all will merge together one day.

All the best for your studio too !

StopmoNick said...

Can't wait to see photos of your studio with classic movie posters and DVDs and tapes and abreviated lights and Harryhausen monster figures and other cool stuff.... and maybe even some workbenches and animation tables with your bar set, getting closer and closer to being walked on by little tied-down feet!

It took me a couple of months of spending most of my time setting up my new studio, putting up shelves and benches, before I could even begin to start animating in it. And I'm still doing little mods to the layout as I find what works and what doesn't.
I sent that spare DVD off to you a couple of days ago so expect it next week.

BlacknickSculpture said...

Great looking Cyclops kit! I agree with you the one horned Cyclops is the reallll deal!

Your animation studio sounds like it is going to be cool! I look forward to seeing photos when you have it all set up.

JON said...

Sweet cyclops! Gotta post pics once he's finished!