Friday, December 31, 2010

Recent clips - because the YouTube versions SUCK!!!

I just went in and watched some of my clips on YouTube. Ouch!!! The Tube uniformly destroyed all of them!!! Smooth animation looks extremely jerky, the clips look dark and grainy. Geeze!!

Let me apologize in advance for the size of these clips... and also for the way they'll automatically open and start playing full-screen and looping over and over. I had them set up to do that on my computer and forgot they'd do the same for anyone who downloads them. But all you have to do is hit the ESCAPE key on your keyboard to stop them.

So, since I have nothing actually NEW to post, here are a few clips you may have already seen crappy versions of:

Don't just click on the links... for some reason they'll show in bad aspect ratio. You need to download them - that's right click on a PC, control click on a Mac, then select the Download option (might be called something else, but you know what I mean...).

Finally, you get to see these clips the way I see them!

* Restoring the clips to normal:

To shut off the looping and "open in fullscreen" options -

First, if the clip is still playing fullscreen, tap the ESC key to reduce it to normal size. Now, while it's still playing or at least selected, go to the Quicktime menu bar that's showing across the top of your monitor and click on the Edit pulldown menu. Where it says LOOP there should be a little checkmark, meaning it's currently activated. Click on it and the checkmark should disappear. You've now disabled looping. You can re-enable it at any time by again clicking LOOP.

To disable "open in fullscreen" and "automatically play when opened", keep the clip playing and go to the WINDOW pulldown menu of Quicktime. Click on "Show Movie Properties". This opens the Properties window. Across the center of it is a row of buttons: Annotations, Resources, Audio Settings, and Presentation. Click on Presentation. The check boxes for "Automatically play movie when opened" and "Enter fullscreen mode when opened" should be checked. Uncheck them and close the box by clicking on the red button in the upper far left corner. Now when you close the movie itself a dialogue box will open asking if you want to save the changes you made. If so, click SAVE, or if you want it to open fullscreen and start playing next time, click DON'T SAVE.

Armed with this info, you can now set any of your own clips to play fullscreen when opened, and to loop automatically if you want. I do that for clips I want to study, or ones I just want to watch a lot.


UbaTuber said...

Nice!! The quality is worlds better!

Darkmatters said...

Thanks Jeff!!

Yeah, I felt almost sick when I saw how bad they all looked on YouTube. I didn't want people thinking that's how they REALLY look!

Vincent Tétreault said...

They looks very nice Mike !

I've experienced the same thing with my videos on Youtube and switched to Vimeo. You can only upload one HD video per week with a free account, but the quality is way better. You might want to try it yourself.

StopmoNick said...

Same here with my earlier Youtube uploads - appeared to drop the frame rate from 25 fps to 15 fps, so there was an uneven number of missing frames. Got pops where there weren't any. They also compressed image quality noticeably and tended to chop off the end. More recent uploads didn't seem as bad, but with inability to click through 1 frame at a time it's hard to tell exactly what they've done. Vimeo is much better - I just have the free account.

Tried to watch One Quick Yank online but after 10 minutes it had still only loaded half. So I'll go for the download option.

Darkmatters said...

Thanks Vince and Nick.

Yeah, I ought to try Vimeo. And about the ridiculous size of these clips... when I said "I apologize for how big they are" I probably should have said "Don't even try it unless you have high speed internet"...

Shelley Noble said...

I've got DSL and tried to download OQY in two different ways. One way, it downloaded well after about 15 minutes and played beautifully in a browser window and looked sumptuous in rich tones and detail. The animation had all kinds of subtle nuance and fluidity.

The other 15 minute download of it as a Quicktime file is lost somewhere on my HD and I haven't figured out how to open it with QT yet. Isn't launching, etc.

I also watched the same clip several times at your YT page and enjoyed it just as much there in it's lesser form, hate to say.

It's like this, if your gorgeous animations are to be shown in a large format that's one animal. If though you are only intending to be in an online theater it's another sort. But your work comes across to the audience in both ways. Frames may get lost but the look, detail, and story make it all the way over into houses and hearts.

Anonymous said...

I think Flash is not the best way to view animation, and have felt that way since I saw videos posted to Newgrounds in 2004. It makes compromises to show compressed video, which shows up in dropped frames, like Nick said.

In my experience, Quicktime has been the most solid viewing experience when H.264 was used. Windows Media 9 is pretty good too, with a bitrate of 8000kbps.

JON said...

Great clips, man! Super smooth!

R.S.Cole said...

It worked great for me but, there was a bit of a delay while it loaded. You gotta use Vimeo or Youtube HD.