Monday, November 02, 2009


Amazing!!!! The same guy who posted Fimfarum has now also posted Krysar in its entirety!!! I know, The Motion Brigades has all these films plus many many more posted, but unfortunately his are in low quality.... Subbedfilms has them in much higher quality. I hope he doesn't mind me posting them on my blog like this. To see his channel double-click on the video itself.



Blueishy said...

yeah! this is amazing!cooly :)

e said...

this is absolutely amazing!!! So glad I stumbled across your blog!

The fearless threader said...

I found your blog on blogs of note and I have to sya I'm glad I looked. I have always loved stop motion animation and as an art student I have gleaned lots of ideas from them over the years. Love the blog and love that you are posting the Pied Piper too.

ChienYu = Teleah said...

Brilliant!!!! love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he doesn't mind. Every click to his video on your site gives him another view on Youtube.

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ about photobucket work around:

(^ instead of ehem payng to pay?
use yet another photosharing free zone like flickr for certain months:
later on see what you can pull up out of archive .org, like i hinted at when stopmo shorts closed up shop.

(^ and tHrust me. ADD is NOT MIN:
multiplied input neurosis means if the pattern is fully followable by all walks of livlihoods?
(^ it's BORING enough to ignore.

(^ funny how con descendant fathomable types get about deep subject(eds) when all they want is surface gage contexture.

(^ I"m so soorry the price of fame tends to be people complaining withing their compliments that you should make it all plain and easy like tic tac toe in the midst of a 3_D chessmatch in which all the pawns and sundrie details have been switched out with stratego blank faced chips being played behind a battleship screen...

(^ y01ks that was a fun dittie data tada

(^ >prosser

Jayequeue said...

Found your blog via Blogs of Note as well. You are amazingly talented! I'll be back :-)

Unknown said...


LK said...

I was wondering if I could ask you a question, and feel free to interpret it whatever way you wish. Equally, I understand if you are too busy to answer – just thought I’d give it a shot.
I’m a student at Dartington College of Arts in the UK, in my final year of some fine art degree. I’m attempting to conduct a field study of People Who Make Stuff – compiling evidence of people’s reasons/motives/ opinions about making stuff, and maybe how they deal with uncertainties about what they do.
I came across you a year or two ago (I’ve been a quiet observer of Scott Radke’s work for a few years). Your site was a knowledge-source of puppet construction and links and fascination that helped me through some rather frustrating making-times, mainly to do with armatures. I’d like to thank you for that. I’ve done a couple of puppet-based workshops over in Prague – under Mirek Trejtner and Zdar Sorm (who I think worked on this Pied Piper animation you posted about. – I highly recommend their workshops for anyone with an interest– the attention they give to students is incredibly generous), and you’re also a rich source for Czech based things. Thank-you for that too.
Anyway, my question is this: Why do you make stuff? I’d greatly appreciate any response you can offer, no matter how short.
my email is
Thankyou for your time, and congratulations on your filming: it's looking fantastic!

Shelley Noble said...

Delighted you're getting the attention you deserve, Mike. You really are a graduate University unto yourself!

Czechoslovakia. sigh. Why. Why is everything in stop motion so vastly more masterful in the genre in Czechoslovakia!? What goes on over there?! Was it their long standing marionette/puppetry tradition's natural evolution to film? A few natural storytelling puppet masters happened to be born there and it became a mecca!? WHAT!?

Do I have to move there?


This film had some of the finest directorial choices I've seen anywhere, in any film.

Also, it blows the lid off of where Julie Taymor got her style for Fool's Fire (1992-3)! HA! BUSTED!

Maria said...

If only it would load!

jriggity said...

Yeah man....pretty POWERFULL stuff!!!

I picked up this on DVD...just from you reccomendation of this film.


Yaz said...

Jiri Barta!! If I say that I want to worship him, would that sound exaggerated??

John said...

Wow! Good stuff.

Dr. Spacheman said...

Hi im Ben AKA Dr Spachemin

Really cool stuff on here, especially like how fun the 'Race the Wind' was to watch.

thanks man, I hope you dont mind but i am following you. not in the scary way, just on the blog, your stuff is interesting.


wombat10 said...

Peeked my interest! Great stuff!

Booming Today said...

as cool as coolio mate..

visit my blog ok..just for fun..

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Clay said...

I really like your work. You should check out my blog and tell me what you think?

junkpunk said...

That was a really inspirational movie. I make art dolls but I've always been intrigued by stop motion. My favourite bit is where the rat gets it's head smashed in!!! Well not really.

I know some kids from Czech republic and they have some unusual movies with severed heads and all kinds of weirdness!

Check out my new blog too if you like!

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) Fimfarum was awesome, I can't wait to have time to watch its sequel/

Anonymous said...

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