Thursday, December 11, 2008

3D images from Coraline



These are the 3D images I got in my Coraline Box. They came with a nifty 3D viewer; sort of like an old-world Viewmaster, but you don't need it to see the effect. These are what's called Magic-Eye or Parallel-Viewing images. Take a look at This Site to learn how to do it. It's kind of tricky.... I can do the Crossed Eyes method a lot easier. In fact, I can't actually parallel-view these images here on the computer... I can do it if I hold one of the cards up in front of my face and look at something way past it, then slide the card up into my field of vision quickly. You might want to print these images out and cut them apart - cut each posted image into three separate strips horizontally. Don't want to make them too big... apparently the eye can only handle smallish images in parallel viewing. The cards I was sent are about 6 inches wide or so.

Thanks to Mysterious Ron for letting me know these actually AREN'T made for crossed-eye viewing, as I had originally posted!! Well, they kind-of work that way, but as he said in the comments, they 're reversed - what's supposed to be far away looks close and vise verse. Weird though - the stairwell image actually looks great that way.


Paul (Vortex42) said...

Thanks so much for posting these. It's clear this film is going to be incredible. So looking forward to it. I wonder if they'll do an IMAX release too.

R.S.Cole said...

Sorry Stridman, You're giving out the wrong instructions! Those photos are made for Parallel viewing not cross eyed viewing. I can do both and the funny thing is, cross eyed viewing SEEMS to work but, it make the dimensions go funky - far is near and visa-versa. When you use the viewer they came with, your eyes remain parallel. Place an index card in front of your nose and go in close to the two photos with the other end of the card between the two. Then back away slowly and the image should become clear... then remove the card. With some practice, you will no longer need the card.

Then of course you could just go into Photoshop and switch the order of the photos and do the cross-view method that your used to! (which most people seem to find easier)

I think I'll just steal these photos from your blog if ya don't mind :) and print 'em up nice and big!

Darkmatters said...

Well I'll be dipped!!!

You're right!!! Of course cross-eyes viewing wouldn't work... the viewer has a piece of wood in between the eyes... you wouldn't be able to see through it. Damn, that's a lot harder (without the viewer). The viewer makes it a lot easier. I can do it if I focus on something far away and then lift one of the cards into my view, but I can't do it with the pics on the monitor.

Hmmm.... guess I better go in and change the post.

Thanks for the headses up!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jeaulous on this box. I didn't know about this project upt to last week and I truly discovered their whole page... It's soo beautiful and heart moving. I sometimes get totally touched by handcrafted things... Thank you Strider for sharing those things with us!

Darkmatters said...

You're welcome Jessica! I'm jealous of your world travels and animation study in exotic countries!!! Wanna trade?

Anonymous said...

I also saw Coraline and I have a home 3D monitor so I checked them out in 3D and they are great! Can't wait for the 3D DVD version :)

I travelled to Egypt last year and made a bunch of 3D pictures, And I'm doing 3D animation (Real 3D) to try to impress a studio into hiring me.

Keep on sharing the good stuff!