Saturday, November 08, 2008

Where in the world is Melvyn Erville???

The Infallible Specific blog (with its ever-changing name) has disappeared off the face of the bloggosphere. No notice, no reason given.... nothing!!! Perhaps he couldn't take the revelation that in reality he was no more than a voice in my head? Or maybe Freud was right... when you learn the truth about your inner reality the problems start to clear up on their own?

Ok, sorry... that's so wrong!!

Melvyn, YOU'RE NOT JUST A VOICE IN MY HEAD!! You're a real, living, thinking, blogging human being!!! Please report in and let your befuddled and confused readers know what's going on!


ChrisW said...

Hey Mike: This is Roy, the sometimes poster at

Great blog! I'm going to link to it from my blog-

See you

Emily said...

Hey, popped over to see if he'd left word here what'd happened to his blog! Doesn't he know he's got a responsibility to his following!! ;)

Shelley Noble said...

Yeah. What Mikee said!
Where is Melvyn!? Where is Melvyn!?

Boy, you best be painting.

Coraline said...

Hi there!
I've got a question for you - can you please email me at

Anonymous said...


It's Coraline herself!

*waves and makes goofy faces*

Shelley Noble said...

Melvyn's email no longer works either. What could have happened?! At least when you took a break a few years ago, you said what you were doing. Even then I panicked after a short while.

Where o where is Melvyn. I'm in LA as he is, should I start combing the streets?

Shelley Noble said...

PS. the team at Coraline asked you a question, at last, Laika has arrived at the feet of the mount of immense talent and knowledge. yay.

stephanie said...

What the heck?... Melvyn, come back!!!

I'm new to his blog... does he do this while revamping / renaming? (The Infallible Specific is such a cool name!)


Darkmatters said...

No, when he changed the blog name before, it was instant and painless. Never disappeared like this to my knowledge (of course, I've only known him for a short while now).

Really starting to get worried now. The fact that he pulled down his blog doesn't sound like he suddenly died or anything... more like a considered decision.

Hopefully he's back soon and lets us know what happened, or if he doesn't want to talk about that, at least that he's alright.

Shelley Noble said...

I was just thinking that today as I was explaining the Erville Mystery to Paul. If dear Melvyn had passed away I can't imagine any friend of family would have had the cold efficiency required to pull down, not only the blog, but also his email, and stop other web presences such as blog comments, without any explanation particularly.

A few years ago I read a blog by a woman who attracted a horrible stalker/harasser and she publicly announced what was happening and then dropped out for her safety. I doubt that fits in this case.

Isn't it troubling not to hear what's happened, it's natural to think the worst.

I wish him well, seems a very nice chap.