Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Settin and proppin

Just to prove I've been doing actual physical work, on top of delving into the absurd... Cosmo got a new (make that heavily used) cooler, and a trash can that began life as a plastic chicken tub.

He also ordered (from his 'heavily used bar equipment' catalog) one shelving unit with stainless steel top.

Here's a quick setup just to give the overall feel so far. It all needs detailing of course. Everything will start to come together a lot better when I get a printer and can put labels on some more bottles. Click any pic to see it larger at Flickr (once there click on "all sizes" above the pic). It was easier to shoot these with my crappy auto-everything camera than to set up the Lumix for these shots, and the lighting is awful. Hey, I don't want to spoil you!


Shelley Noble said...

Good Lord, Mikee, I got CHILLS looking at these gorgeously detailed things! I can translate the the shots in my mind to the optics of the Lumix and your skilled lighting and WOW!

That trash can! Those bottles! The hard won stools! The camera angle in the last shot that shows so much going on! And of course those fine art puppets!

This film will be a masterpiece.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ crykeys, shelly! R U followin' me round so fast you get there before I do?

(^ tsk. watch a strange cult movie:
(^ that'll give you more clues to my nature than almost anything out in the open.

(^ so, Strider..
(^ you going to use that audio off your profile for yer bar scene?

(^ you've got to pick up every sticktch.
(^ beatnicks are out to make it rich..

(^etc etc..
(^ would be a good blend. just for tempo setting.

UbaTuber said...

I love the cooler, great work! Its all coming together beautifully...

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ yep. time to get to know another pices fishy wonder.

(^ ubatuber? stop on by.
(^ I wish to prattle on about katrina.

Darkmatters said...

Thanks peeps!!! Brian, actually that song is the basis for another flick I plan to do!

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ it's a long song.
(^ i bet the brewers could fit in during that long intro with no vocals.

(^ it only occurred to me because I was listening to it in its entirety while perusing your blog.

(^ witches were (still are) herbalists. they made strange brews often simply flavoring of beers. what you think that cast iron kettle was?
(^ a brewer's pot. copper as easily as cast iron.
((^ the conical hat?
(^ easier to mix dry ingredients in and then our into the mix.

(^. just tinkering.
(6 juniper berries for gin flavoring.. barly malt and whiskey tonics.
after a while you might get a little spoiled rye ergot in that whiskey and woopsies! off to trippy land .

Anonymous said...

Well done, Mike!
I think a printer would be fine. There are so many wonderful details, but I'm missing something in the background, on the wall behind the bar. How are you going to design it? Some posters or just with light and shadows? But generally I think, it'll become a wonderful stage!

Ryan McCulloch said...

wow it's really coming together

Darkmatters said...

Hey Jessica, I'm still not sure what I'll do with the wall. Posters are a strong option.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ what time period?

(^ I mean, neon art and a back mirror behind the bottles was rather traditional at some pime periods.
grubby up the mirror a little like it's a backsplash and might not be the cleanest thing and angle it in a way you don't pick up the camera lens in the shot..
(^ ..tricky.
but the pay off would be the extra animation of the puppets from two angles?

is this before or after the smoking ban?

glass ashrays.

Darkmatters said...

I tried a mirror... it was making too much trouble for me. I want to be able to move the camera right along with the puppets, so it would show in the mirror (unless it was pointed like 45 degrees down or something, and that wouldn't look right!). I dirtied it up, and because it's not a "1st surface" mirror, every smudge had a double, and it really gave away the scale (or made the mirror look a foot thick).

There will definitely be one big ashtray, all piled with butts! Maybe a few bowls of peanuts, some different kinds of glasses - mugs, wine glasses etc. Pitchers. And I need to make some chairs to go with the tables (which I haven't shown for a while now, but oh yes, there are tables!)

Emily said...

Wow - I'm behind the times posting already!

It already looks amazing - I can't wait to see it with your lighting setup!