Friday, May 02, 2008

Head surgery for Hoppy

I had to take the knife to Hoppy - I'm afraid his hair was too badly damaged to fix. I finally worked up the courage to grab a chisel and just go to town... hacking away layers of paper and epoxy putty. The plan is to bust out some epoxy putty of my own and sculpt him a baseball cap - appropriately backwards or sideways or somesuch.


Anonymous said...

Poor Hoppy! I suppose you'll have to be carefull when giving him a hat, to ensure no chipped places are noticable. I think he would look good in a dark green woolly hat but the baseball cap sounds super!!

Ryan McCulloch said...

kind of a disturbing image. but cool.

Shelley Noble said...

"Now in HD" Hee hee That's great! You so funny. Looking great too.

Maybe Hoppy has had brain surgery? He looks as though he's really been through SOMETHING!

R.S.Cole said...

It's like an episode of ER! Srain Burgery is risky business, I hope it doesn't affect hIS acting ABLEities. It could go wrONg and MEss up his speech pattern! *wink* :)

Darkmatters said...


Hey pRONsstir sir>>>>

plAUSSIblEy blOTChed sRAIN bURGEry exPAINs y hopTOED pee {p pie pied piper} is a SPAZZ ticktock.

That or maybe he converted to Juadaism? Looks like he's wearing a white yarmulke (beanie).

Anonymous said...

What was going through your mind when you were chipping away at his skull? Kind of creepy.

Darkmatters said...

"My god.... am I REALLY doing this? Hope I don't screw it up. Please please PLEASE don't screw it up!!!!"

... That's pretty much what was going through my mind - and endless variations on it.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, thats what I do when I'm animating a badly created armature..
"Please don't snap, I'm begging you, don't snap( it snaps) oh ****

Don't keep it by your bed at night for obvious reasons ;)