Thursday, February 14, 2008

Short wall

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Welcome to the short wall of my set. Ever been in a bar that looks like this? This is a space that has a lot of history.... it's been used for other things in the past and still bears the markings from those earlier incarnations. The lighting here is horrible... it looks a lot better than these pics show.

I have ideas for cheating the size of my set. For instance, this wall is 3 feet long, while the short end of my set table is only 2 feet. More on that in future installments. I'm having massive computer issues... it's literally crashed 6 or 7 times while I was trying to put this post together! So I'm signing off now... wish I could post more, but it's starting to flicker again....


UbaTuber said...

Awesome! Nice paintjob on the wall, everything looks great man, go go go!

R.S.Cole said...

OMG! When I first laid eyes on the first picture, I thought I was looking at a wall in your shop I hadn't seen before! Or maybe you had built a giant glue gun prop?

Totally realistic, very cool.

Darkmatters said...

Ha ha! Yep, just got a giant glue gun! Fooled you guys, didn't I?

Seriously, thanks guys!!! I used miniature basswood lumber from - it's hard to make anything look *less* than realistic that way!

Grant's Animation said...

Funny, I'm developing my next short (after Office Noir -same character) to be located in a bar.

Love those fuse boxes!

Grant's Animation said...

I need to make a miniature of an old radiator for one scene of Office Noir. It's not going to be easy. I guess I'll use sculpey.

Anonymous said...

Nice timber wall, great colour variation between the different planks. I like the industrial electrical fittings too.
Don't try telling me you aren't enjoying this project, it's too cool not to enjoy!

Those same planks, on a curved framework, would make a great ship's interior for a certain cetacean-obsessed nautical gentleman!


Darkmatters said...

Oh, I'm definitely enjoying parts of it!!! I'm liking the bar better now that I decided to go with a rickety old timber construction. Not sure it looks like any kind of bar I've ever seen, but I like it!

And yeah, I had definitely had the same thoughts about shipboard construction as well!

Grant, thanks! Bar films are getting to be the cool thing to do these days.... you're nobody till you've done one!

You might be able to make a radiator from a bunch of pieces of wood, but it would take a lot of shaping. Maybe make one section from sculpey and make a mold and cast duplicates. Or a press mold and press out dupes from more sculpey or epoxy putty? A radiator sounds like fun to make. You gonna have a little Christina Ricci puppet chained to it? ;)

Grant's Animation said...

Press mould. Of course! Why didn't I think of that?!
Thanks Mike.