Friday, August 04, 2006

Massive collection of figurative sculptures

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"It's difficult for those growing up within contemporary institutions of culture (museums, universities, art schools, etc) to appreciate the vitality and scope of 20th Century figure sculpture. The major museums and surveys of art history only feature those sculptors who have found a place in the canonical historical narrative of Modernism (like Maillol, Lehmbruck, or Nadelman). The rest lie buried in the dust of neglect - as often happens when the present defines itself in oppositon to the recent past."

....I could get lost in this site and die happy.....


Shelley Noble said...

I know why you like these right now. tee hee.

mefull said...

Thanks for the link Mike, I know I will come back to this many times to absorb some great sculpture. I have a love hate thing going with web sites like this. You are right you could spend days checking this stuff out - its great stuff that we don't get the opportunity to see very often. The down side is that sculpture is meant to be seen in person so you can walk around it and view it from different angles. A photo of a sculpture will never do it justice - Kind of like a book about music. Then again the average person would never in a lifetime have the opportunity to see this much great sculpture in person.